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Costumes Can Not Hide Your Light-ACIM Lesson #240

Fear is not justified in any form.

I love a good costume party! I know, I know, it’s not Halloween yet, but the stores have candy on the shelves and the spiders in my corners remind me that Fall is on the way.

The thing about good costumes are-you can’t tell who is within. Besides the height and walk…It could be Jesus resurrected for all we can tell. It’s exciting. Intriguing.

The sad part is, I always found the day after Halloween to be a bit of a letdown. After donning a princess, superhero or other fun persona-I was back to little ‘ole me. And being me didn’t feel quite as exciting. I mean, you rarely see someone pretending to be who they really are.

Everyone picks a character or characteristic they wish they were and buy that costume.

Lesson 240 says we are all wearing costumes. All day. And not always the fun kind either. We see ourselves wearing scary costumes like insecurity or fear. But that kind of self-condemnation is unjustified given who you are (the magnificent Divine within). Lesson 240 encourages us that no matter how many times we reprimand ourselves or tell ourselves any scary ideas are true-it is all a temporary illusion. Just like Halloween.

Do not be deceived by fear or lack today Dear friends. You are an unrepeatable expression of Love itself. You need no costumes or false illusions about who you are in truth. Because the truth is so much better than the charade.

You are amazing. Glorious even.

And the way you shine? Well, let’s just say that strawberry shortcake outfit I wore when I was 6 (pictured) has nothing on you baby!

Shine on LightMaker!

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