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Coming Home-ACIM Lesson #93

Light & joy and peace abide in me.

There is an old parable about a child who runs away from home. The child is sick of her parents telling her what to do. Who to be. She wants a life of freedom and adventure.

Once the child is out in the world she is filled with joy. She parties. She has a good time. She lives it up in all kinds of ways she could never have done had she stayed at home.

Then she runs out of cash. All of the sudden she is living on the streets. Hooks up with some nefarious characters who steal her money, her freedom, even her dignity.

Left alone, barely clothed, desolate, discouraged with nowhere else to go, she somehow manages to make her way back to her parents’ house. She expects derision. She expects rejection. At the very least, she expects an I told you so.

Instead her parents say simply-We love you ,and we are so glad you are home.

Lesson 93 reminds us of this warmth of coming home.

We think the things we have done are so ugly, so repelling that we could never be loved. That if anyone saw the truth about our being, they would run away screaming (or at the very least cringing).

But source plainly says, these are just weird, foolish beliefs. Fantasies made of the dust and illusion our programming has told us is acceptable. In truth, this illusion does not exist at all. The truth of who you are can never change. Nothing can touch or change the part of us that is eternal. And our perceived sins are just meaningless remnants made of dusty memories which were never who we really are.

Light, Joy & Peace coming home to our Divinity.

Namaste in Light Dear Ones!

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