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Choosing Nom Noms Wisely-ACIM Review #1: Lesson 60

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

The hits keep coming! Last Review for this section.

Lesson #46 (God is the Love in which I forgive.): The world can sometimes feel like a landscape of contrasts. Polarity. Duality. Especially in the current climate. But the gift this duality brings is the awareness that there is something more. Hate can show us love. Pain-Contentment. Forgiveness-Innocence. So while my unforgiving thoughts about the whine of a lawnmower may seem real enough, in truth, they are just a reminder that tranquility is awesomely Divine.

Lesson #47(God is the Strength in which I trust.): Surrender. Yuck. For a control freak like me, Super tough. But when I allow the Divine to work in and through me, I recognize that I do not have to carry the burden of my thoughts alone. Ever. The Divine is just one timeless request away from reminding me of infinite love and support. And once the Divine flows through me…well, that’s when the magic happens.

Lesson #48(There is nothing to fear.): I have an excellent imagination. I picture stories. Birds talking to one-another. Princesses in towers (oh Disney). This imagination serves me well when I am writing a story or laughing with friends. It is less useful when I am seeing enemies of fear around every corner in the form of my fellow humans. When I strip back the conditioned fear, I find the blessing that these awesome humans bring to my existance. I see in them the Divine that is a dear friend I have forgotten by choosing to see only earth suits.

Lesson #49(God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day): My bestie & I don’t live in the same city. We try to get together to chat every month. And when we do….oh nelly is there chatting! We can’t seem to get the words out fast enough sometimes. It’s like we’ve been saving up an entire months’ worth of juicy conversations. She’s got wisdom. Fun. All of it. My bestie & Source have a lot in common. They are truthful, witty, and full of wisdom. And that wisdom lives right within me too. All the time. I don’t even have to wait for a monthly meeting. So, like your Mom might have said-Why don’t you call & chat?

Lesson #50: (I am sustained by the Love of God.): I can be a compulsive snacker. I lova the snacks! This probably stems from the lunches my Dad would pack full of Little Debbie’s as a child. The interesting thing about these well-meant (and received) treats was that I was always hungry shortly after. The sugary sweet never stayed with me. Lesson #50 says Source is the healthy carb in our lunch box. That we can never burn through. That sustains us even when we choose to eat the sweet treats of judgement over the genuine love and forgiveness of the All-That-Is. So, for today, we can choose the nom noms of life that bring everlasting joy and peace. I promise your soul will eat it up faster than a cosmic brownie.

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