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Choose Again. ACIM Lesson #284

I can elect to change all thoughts that hurt.

Lesson 284 is one of my favorites. It has practical implications. A flavor of purpose in our actions.

How to do?

One of my favorite ways is using Super Attractor author Gabby Bernstein’s method. It is a simple 3 step process to realign our monkey-brains when things go rogue:

Step 1: Notice the Thought

Step 2: Forgive the Thought

Step 3: Choose again

You may have noticed where Lesson 284 fits into the general scheme. Choose again.

We all have rogue thoughts. Pretending our minds don’t drift or that our emotions don’t live is a sure-fire way to send our lives down the road to crazy-town. Instead, we can engage in a process of thoughtful awareness. A form of mindfulness the Buddha’s advocate for to make us aware. Outside of any laser-focused perspective of what is wrong in our lives.

And here’s the skinny: We don’t have to make it so difficult on ourselves. Though certainly not easy. We can always see the thought. Observe the thought. And decide where we want to be next. No matter how long that might take. Release the story. And try again. Until the next time. (even ACIM admits we may need to rinse and repeat several times).

Lesson 284 only asks us to try. No judgement. Perfection need not apply.

Give it a go today.

And, as an aside, I think you are brilliant. Perfect and lovely for every time you actively seek your truth.

In pure Admiration & Love for you LightWorker!

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