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Child-Like Vision. ACIM Lesson #270

I will not use the body’s eyes today.

I am always amazed at children. Their sense of adventure. Their fearlessness. Their awesome ability to create worlds using just their imagination.

Where I see a box, they see a castle. Where I see danger, they see discovery. Where I see lack, they see abundance.

To a child a hug is more abundant than a million dollars. In fact, they usually can’t even conceptualize what a million dollars is.

To a child a box is just as good as a castle. Who needs all of those rooms anyway when you can only enjoy one at a time?

To a child a spider is a wonderful artist. Weaving a tapestry of a thousand silvery threads.

So how did I get from wonder. Living in the moment. A sense of adventure and unlimited prosperity…to worry, fear, and lack?

By using my less than third eyes (aka my limited vision).

You see, while children are open to the All-That-Is, we’ve often spent a lifetime learning to be afraid of it. Telling ourselves that dreams couldn’t possibly come true. Much less be real.

But when we can, as Lesson 270 asks, take the time to return to our child-like eyes. Our source-driven vision. We remember that life is so much more than perception-driven vision.

The truth is-life IS abundant-we can simply look at the blades of grass for confirmation. Life IS rich-We can see a decadent rose or the expansive sunrise to find out more. And life IS, most certainly, an adventure. I need only to take a walk and marvel at nature’s wonders to see it for myself.

But don’t take my word for it. See how much abundance, richness and adventure you can identify for yourself today. What will your child-like vision allow you to see?

Happy Seeing Day today Dear LightWorkers!

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