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Check out my View! ACIM Lesson # 78

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Let miracles replace all grievances.

Does anyone remember viewmasters?

Viewmasters were visual toys. You inserted a disk, and looked through the viewfinder to see magical 3D images. As a kid my family’s disks included exotic locals and beautiful scenery. When you wanted a new image, you clicked a side switch to manually advance to the next pic.


The images were awesome but, given these toys were created in the 30’s there was a glitch. A brief second, as you were advancing the film, that the viewmaster went dark. Completely black. As a kid, I waited with baited breath until the next pic showed up. What if it didn’t come up?

What if my precious toy was broken?!? Scaarry stuff for a five-year-old.

Lesson 78 reminds me that those dark moments from my childhood are very much like the shield of misunderstanding I can sometimes put in front of my fellow flesh monkeys. A dark pause where I conceal the truth of the miraculous view of their Divinity that lives within.

And here’s the rub-I am the one who controls the switch. I have the choice to advance the film. To believe any false pictures of who I think they are in front of me. Or to advance out of the darkness of my misperceptions.

Especially now, it is often easy for me to get lost in the idea of blame, sins, grievances, certain entities in the world have wrought against me. I can slide into the darkness in-between the light where justification or uncertainty can obscure my view of Divinity.

But I can also choose again.

To advance beyond any feelings of separation. Of ‘us’ and ‘them’. To see the at-one-ness that comes from allowing the light of the next frame of existence to shine through. And to leave behind any assumptions and fear in favor of the miracle.

Every being on this earth is miraculous dear friends. Especially the ones that are hard for us to love. They direct us toward a truth which would be beyond understanding without our recognition of compassion. And when it’s difficult to see a friend in love behind the darkness, simply use these words:

Let me behold the Divinity in this one

You have appointed as the one to enlighten me

To ask to lead me to the holy light

That I may join my one-ness, forever Divine.

Choose the light. Choose to see light. Advance the frame. And enjoy the miraculous picture of love that lives just beyond the next horizon.


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