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Check-It-ACIM Lesson 25

I do not know what anything is for.

This might be another of those WHAAAT?!?! lessons from A Course in Miracles (aka ACIM).

We don’t know what anything is for? What does that mean?

Here’s the skinny. My ego loves to give me a good to-do list. I have mentioned my struggle before.

My ego tells me that accomplishments, accolades, even the occasional “You’re the bestest!” I imagine my cats or partner saying, are what life’s all about.

My ego asks that I keep right on making my magical lists on slips of paper scattered throughout the house. Methodically checking off my tasks to define me. One. By. One.

My ego tells me THIS is who I really am. The sum total of tasks completed and goals for the day.

But my Spirit, weeeelll, its got other ideas. It reminds me that the things I have defined as important-the ones I think I understand-like to-do lists-are really just white noise distracting me from my purpose.

So while you are reciting the mantra Lesson 25 asks us to repeat today-I do not know what X (insert task) is for-I invite you to ask your true self. Your TRUE self. That stunning, Divine, all-encompassing bad-ass that is you what you really came here to be. And invite the magic of your life’s purpose to bless you with a soul-stretching answer.

Lots of Love on your journey to magnificent today Light Workers.

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