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Can't you see this is the Land of Illusion? ACIM Lesson #198

Only my condemnation injures me.

Yesterday I was having a great day. I was be-bopping along. Getting things done. Checking the crap out of my to-do list (a favorite pastime) when BAM.

I felt grumpy. Tired (probably from over-to-doing).

My normal self would have kept going. Would have finished those last few tasks (only to add two more…). But, in light of trying to walk the talk of taking care of myself-I stopped. I told my partner I needed some alone time. And I took the time and space for myself to be in the moment.

Huh. Not traditional behavior for this girl.

After a few hours in my office pididling I came back down. And enjoyed one of the happiest energy surges I have felt in a long time.

I felt alive. Rejuvenated. Replenished. This was monumental for me. A clear reward for choosing differently. A reminder of how much energy it takes for me to go against the wishes of my essential self. And of the unlimited energy there is when I follow Divine guidance.

Lesson 198 reminds me that I could have chosen to condemn myself for not completing that to-do list. To decide what was on my list was more important than listening to my inner compass. And if I did? I would be setting myself up for the typical lethargy and that comes with not listening to my authentic self.

And while life comes with copious tasks. And while the luxury of time is often overshadowed by expectations. We are always a single breath away from setting ourselves free from our own inner condemnation.

We are not our to-do lists friends. The Universe is waiting for us beyond the things we think are important. Puppies. Rainbows. Peaceful cats cuddling with one-another (okay so I’m still waiting for this one). And when we surrender to the habitual energy of the same things we have seen and done before? We are missing the amazing waiting just beyond the known.

Open. Receive. BE. And observe the gifts you can find in the silence. In the pause between the breaths. The Universe is waiting for this deliverance. The time has come today indeed.

Namaste LightWalkers!

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