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Breathe Into the Present

Society has structured our lives to anticipate the future. We plan and dream of vacations, new clothes, new cars, maybe even a completely different life. This can lead us to fast forward into high gear. It also often brings us to the ‘should’ statements of….I should be doing X to get Y.

The challenge with this mentality is that it lends itself to a lifetime of living in the future, rather than the present moment. Dreaming and hoping are lovely in moderation but when we live our lives in the future we miss all of the beautiful moments that are passing right before our eyes.

Try this exercise on for size. Take a breath. Just one breath right now. Make it a deep one ; ) Close your eyes & repeat. Breathe in to this present moment and actively notice what is good about the right now. Open your eyes. What did you notice?

Imagine if we exercised this short practice to live in the moment just once a day. Just one tiny minute of our busy lives. How might we look at life differently?

There are thousands of these moments in our lives friends. Just as precious. Just as lovely that are sandwiched between our stressors and expectations. Let them go, let it all go. Just for a minute today. The present is a present we can continuously gift ourselves with.

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