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Bird is the Word-ACIM Lesson 43

God is my Source. I cannot see apart from Him.

There is a tenant in spirituality that details the difference between perceiving and knowing. Perceiving-what our small selves tell us is ours to live vs sweet security of knowing where our souls truly belong.

I’ll admit, I’ve struggled at times trying to be in my knowing.

Comprehending how to just be with the moment, rather than doing the things the world tells me are mine to do (clean the house, vacuum the carpet, etc.).

But the glorious thing is, that when I take a moment to stop. To experience, rather than to accomplish-The Universe always shows up in its earth-shattering glory.

Take this moment. Right now. In my monkey-mind I am supposed to be finishing this amazing conversation with each of you. But the birds are soaring in the morning breeze right below my window. Playfully teasing one-another. One is a Cardinal. One is a finch. They look very different. But they have no problem occupying the same branch. In experiencing their joy of freedom and flying.

Methinks these birds have a lesson for me about tolerance. About control. About letting go and enjoying each moment for the freedom-loving gift it is for me soul to experience. And they remind me that I can see that God-Universe is truly the source in all. To look again beyond my judgement and my pre-scripted ideas of what I should be, do and have.

Lesson 43 encourages us to explore this idea of Unity throughout the day by applying the phrase: The Universe is my source, I cannot see X person, place, or thing outside of it.

To revel in the magnificence of the God in all I see.

I invite you to pause and take another look today my dear friends. To see what is there for you to experience in the moment. And to gift yourself with the magic of what is. The miracle in each magnificent moment we were born to live.

Namaste Dear Ones! Shine on in seeing.

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