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Bird is NOT the Word- ACIM Lesson 184

The name of God/Source is my inheritance.

“As you move into consciousness and outside of the duality of good and bad, black and white, you can begin to learn that anything you thought would be held outside of the Christ…judgement of others, judgment of self, all must be unified, healed and brought into the light. The Christ consciousness that you are inhabited as holds all and does not exclude anyone.” -Selig as Channeled from The Guides

Lesson 184 is a lesson that reminds us of the names we create to label. The things in our life. The people.

This person is bad, he believes in X. This lady is lovely because of Y. This is a chair…

It revisits what we learned waaaay back in Lesson 1-Nothing I see means anything.

We give all things labels. We think these labels define them. Society reinforces this concept by approving or disapproving of our language. While this is all well and good for having a conversation, our language comes with a bit of baggage we carry around from history. And it isn’t that fancy light-weight luggage either.

With our language comes assumptions. About what things mean beyond the words. About who people are within the construct of our labels.

Lesson 184 begs us to question these sometimes-false premises. It supports us by understanding that we use language on this plane of existence. But invites us to look a deeper to recall that anything made in separation is simply an illusion.

The Word is the name that the Universe has given us. Infinity. Light. Love. Ditch the labels and remember that Love is all there is. That it is waiting for recognition inside of you. And that all else can be released as the word-salad it truly is. Dressing our lives to cover what can only be our true inheritance. The living name of Source within.

Love and light to you Sweet LightChasers! Namaste.

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