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Beyond the Veil-ACIM Lesson #125

In quiet I receive God’s word today.

Ain’t nature grand?

In the Midwest it is Spring. A glorious time of awakening. Flowering buds. Birds chirping merrily. And a sea of green as far as the eye can see. There are dancing tulips. Bushy trees.

But most of the time I don’t notice. In my rush to get to a meeting. Or work. In my angst to make it through traffic or get my next task done. I can sometimes ignore the majesty that lives right outside my door.

A stunning canvas of magnificence, just waiting for me to appreciate it.

This is why I believe Lesson 125 asks us to stop a minute. To take a look. At the beauty Source delivers in our lives. It may be in the form of a friendly smile. Or a child’s laugh. Or, as for me, in observing the gifts of nature, waiting in the quiet.

There is a voice that is truly yours my dear friends. An unmistakable calling of the Universe in your life that is speaking to you. Waiting for you. Begging for you receive the magnificence it wants only to bring into your life.

It is brilliant. It is transformative. It can change the world. And it will do this through you. If you stop. If you let it. If you listen in the silence.

Today we listen to the sanctity of the stillness. We let go of any chaos (or traffic) life might bring, and we surrender to this holy time of peace within. It waits for you. Just beyond the Maya of worldly illusion. Closer than each breath you take. The voice of creation. Manifested on the canvas of your life.

Happy Awakening LightWorkers. Shine on!

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