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Beyond the Illusion Dress. ACIM Lesson #325.

All things I think I see reflect ideas.

Does anyone remember the illusion dress? ( ).

The illusion dress was a picture of a dress that looked white and gold to some peeps….black and blue to others.

Disagreements over the color of the dress sparked lively conversations for months on social media. And led scientists to wonder what was in our big noggins that caused our differing perceptions.

Eventually the dress was revealed to be black & blue. But the scientists never did confirm why everyone’s perspectives were so different.

Lesson 325 reminds me that, sometimes, my perceptions are very much like that dress. I swear I see white and gold in front of me (aka hate, greed) but that is only my perceptions coloring (pun intended) my reality.

My mind will always show me what I seek. In fact, there’s good science that says I actually look for evidence that confirms these beliefs. Even when they are misperceived.

But here’s the rainbow-if I simply take the time to change my perception. If I look past my judgement and negative self-talk. I can find a beautiful world waiting beneath my idea of it. Just waiting to be discovered. Even when it takes a little pealing back of the layers.

In essence-I suggest taking off the poo-covered glasses today my friends. If you find yourself immersed in negativity, try this exercise:

Find one bit of evidence to the contrary. A tiny flower. A smile from a stranger. See where this leads you as a result. Practice changing your idea of how we think things are. And discover the new colors that exist beyond expectation.

Happy hunting beautiful ones!


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