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Belly Flopping into Dirty Monkey Brain

When my life swings a bit off course, I call this-my Belly Flopping Dirty Monkey Brain. What I mean by this is (not to insult monkeys) that my brain is a ball of energy. Endless dialogue really.

It provides me with illusionary thoughts that are not so happy some of the time. Manically happy others.

THIS is what causes my zen to belly flop-painfully into monkey brain status.

In these moments I try to remind myself that I have a spiritual arsenal. A toolkit of resources I can draw from. Not all of these tools fit or are useful on every particular day.

Sometimes I need deep breathing (well almost always for this one). Sometimes I need an affirmation (I am divine light). Sometimes I just need a nap (research shows 10-20 minutes is the sweet spot).

Whatever method I choose, the important part is actually using the tools when I need them. Rather than spiraling into Monkey Brain. Which, admittedly, is easy to do.

My take for today-resist the monkey brain. Develop and use a spiritual arsenal (breath, affirmations, friends). Start with breath and see what follows. No more belly flops. Graceful swan dives into awesome!

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