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Believing without Seeing

Today I went on a hike with a friend. It was a lovely hike. In a botanical garden.

Though the gardens were beautiful, my friend & I decided to expand out to the neighboring trails and do a longer hike.

At one point we got a bit turned around and became confused about where we started from. After walking for some time without seeing a soul, we saw an elderly couple who stopped and asked if we were close to the entrance.

We remarked that we too were lost. They said they had passed a roped off area that led back to the entrance, but the way was barred. We mentioned that the way we had come was pretty long and not close to the start, but they shrugged and continued on.

A short time later, after passing the barred area, we were faced with a large hill. It looked as if the trail would go on and on, with no end in sight. Persisting, we crested the hill to find tons of people and the area near the entrance.


It’s funny how perception can sometimes cloud the world we see. If we had trusted the couple’s perceptions, it might have taken twice as long to get back home. If we had believed only what we could see, we wouldn’t have crested the hill that would get us exactly where we intended to go.

I guess it’s easy to get overwhelmed by feeling lost. When others have told you are not on the right path. When the hill of negativity seems insurmountable. When you just can’t see how you could possibly find your way to center.

But here’s the lesson I learned today-if I can be persistent. If I can keep the faith. If I can hold my vibration up even when the world tells me it’s hopeless, I just might find what I was looking for all along.

No matter where we are we can surrender to the beauty and perfection of the moment. You are never lost my friends, and neither was I. Your inner compass will always direct you to your divine purpose, even when the hills of life seem insurmountable.

Travel light, believe big, and immerse yourself in gratitude for all of the beauty that life brings.

Happy journeying my friends-Namaste!

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