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Believe in Yourself-ACIM Review III: Lesson #114

I am Spirit. / I will accept my part in God’s plan for salvation.

I am the Queen of ‘Not Enough’. Of believing I just don’t have what it takes. I doubt myself. Often. Sometimes my monkey brain even throws poo at my self-esteem in the form of sharp words or less-than-kind commentary.

But, lucky for me, ACIM has no such doubts in my capabilities.

ACIM, regardless of the excrement, understands that I am more. I am spirit, Lesson 114 wqyw. Not this earth suit container. Not my doubts. Not my limitations or fears. Spirit. Whole and completed just as I am.

Even more fabulous? I don’t have to do anything to prove it. No burpees. No jumping jacks. No cleaning. No external accolades.

Just be.

And it’s not just me. It’s you too.

Source loves you just as you are. It revels in your right to be. Because it created you whole and functional. Ready to create a world of harmony and love. Just from your presence. Which we don’t have to earn or strive for. We don’t even have to worry if we are on point. You are perfect, Source says, just by being you.

And by accepting our part in Source’s grand plan for salvation, we open to creating a collective consciousness of peace, love and harmony.

In essence,you are fantastic and inspiring. YOU are Divine.

In love and gratitude for all you are today sweet friends.

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