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When I walk in the room, I can still make the whole place shimmer… I polish up real. I polish up real.
Nice. -Taylor Swift

One of my earliest relationships led me to have the privilege of becoming a part of a family for a time, unlike any I’d ever seen before.

Coming from a small town of quiet Germans, I was lucky enough to be brought up with the characteristics of frugality, diligence, and hard work. And while this family shared many of these traits, it also boasted something…well. Different.

These folks were boisterous. Jovial. They laughed unabashedly outload. They played games with one-another competitively. They even ate *shockingly* junk food… for dinner. Without vegetables. You can imagine my conservative awe when joining them the first time.

There was full makeup and hair by 9 am. And a pool table in the family room. Woah. Big woah.

I learned a lot from my second family. About letting myself go. About not taking life so seriously. About expressing emotions freely with abandonment. And while I do not believe one family’s life lessons were any less valuable than the others, I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to learn how to let my inner Diva shine. To, as Swift aptly states, shimmer unabashedly.

There is a glow within each of us that deserves to shine undimmed, sweet friends.

This holiday season I invite you to get in touch with your inner Diva. To explore anywhere you have, perhaps, dimmed your inner light to accommodate a world of gray. You were meant to shine with the glow of the Divine my sweet angels. Let it go.

As the twinkle of the New Year gifts the world in 2023, Shine On. The world needs your warmth and your light. Full stop.

Happy New Year LightWorkers!

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