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Being the field of Infinite Possibilities. ACIM Lesson #320.

My Father gives all power unto me.

My inner critic loves a good tirade:

You’re just not smart enough. Talented enough. Or capable enough.

It’s mantra is -You’re Basic!

My higher self-you know, the one holding all of the cards-doesn’t buy into this false paradigm. My higher self understands that every single one of us has been given unlimited power and possibilities. We just need to exercise our Aces. To see the light within. To choose again.

Lesson 320 reminds me that the soul within, the higher self. Whatever you choose to call the immeasurable sauce that makes you you, doesn’t play with a limited deck. My higher self is living beyond my wildest dreams in infinite possibilities.

And so is yours.

Just for today, rely upon this infinite strength and love. Lean back into the arms of what you can do. Rather than any limited ideas about what you can’t.

Watch the miracles unfold, rinse and repeat.

Namaste LightWorkers.

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