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Being Stillness-ACIM Lesson #221

Peace to my mind. Let all my thoughts be still.

Be still and know. Is a favorite line from Psalms in the Bible. It is iconic. Any every time I hear the words, I feel instant peace.

We talk about knowing a lot in spiritual circles. Of understanding who we are in truth. Of remember the God/Source within.

But how do we access this truth? And, even more importantly, how do we access it when the kids are running around screaming, the phone is ringing, and our boss is waiting on a Zoom call for us?

Hmmmmm….not so stilling.

In fact more like chilling. Frozen. Causing me to be statue-like frozen with frustration and exasperation.

Lesson 221 reminds these thoughts to be still. That the true answer is always in the silence. In a single breath. Breath means spirit in Latin. So that when we are breathing, we are literally breathing in the spirit of life. And it doesn’t take a full meditation practice to get there. Try just one. A single breath. To return to the stillness. To remember your center. And to begin to laugh at all this crazy-Maya-chaos that happens in our day to day lives.

This crazy is not who you are. You KNOW this is not the truth of the Universe pulsing through your veins. It is just the crazy stage we dance upon for a little while. And the peace of the Universe is always waiting within this single breath to remind us. To reveal the greatness that is truly you, beyond the crazy. To remind you of the more that always lives just beyond the chaos our lives can present.

Namaste LightWorker.

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