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Being Fearless with our Vulnerabilities. ACIM Lesson #310.

In fearlessness and love I spend today.

Yesterday I made a mistake. I sent an email I wised I wouldn’t have. This is not the first time I have done this. Bahhhh.

Instead of being the spiritual enlightened being I have always hoped I’d be, my monkey-mind went to judgement. To attacking my self-worth:

Why don’t you pay attention! The monkey-mind screamed. You should be more careful. Why are you ALWAYS making these kinds of mistakes….

Hmmmmmm. Shoulding on myself aside. This was not very kind. I himmed. I hawed. And then…well, I went to bed.

In the crystalline snow of a November morning I was reminded that love makes all things new. Much like our first snow, there is a pristine purity in the moment we stand in. All perceived mistakes are erased, and we are no longer separated by our thoughts from our Divine mind.

Lesson 310 reminds me that there are a million different ways that I can abandon myself.

Asking that I be more than the lessons I am receiving in this very moment. Being hard on myself for doing the best I can. But what I am really doing is judging what my Divine appointment is leading me to grow through. An opportunity to love myself anyway. To hold my little flawed self in my arms. And appreciate her for all she is worth.

Lesson 310 says this kind of unconditional love takes a kind of fearlessness for our vulnerabilities. A willingness to accept what is. As a necessary part in our growth into our highest selves. We are one with Divine mind. Bringing to us exactly what is important. Even in the moments that are less shiny. There is an energy behind this movement. An inertia into our higher selves. And while this can feel crunchy in the moment. It is only through churning what is beneath the surface of our lives we can break through the storm to our waking dawn.

In this grace we are set free. In THIS we are restored to our peace and holiness. We arrive when we receive this Light of heavenly love into our open hearts.

Namaste LightWorker

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