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Be Well-ACIM Review IV: Lesson # 148

My mind holds only what I think with God./If I defend myself, I am attacked. Sickness is a defense against the truth.

Being sick feels lousy. I usually think of sickness as a day or two on the couch. Full of body aches and Kleenex shrapnel. When I am sick I usually don’t want to do anything. My body craves time to recoup. And, even when my human doing asks me to get up and accomplish things…my body puts a big fat kibosh on that pipe dream.

*Sigh* If only I was so responsive to my mind….

Let me explain. When my mind feels sick. When it is thinking thoughts outside of the proverbial heavenly box. (You may be familiar. Like I really needs to put those dishes away, I’m so messy. Or: Bob is always so hateful, he needs to be kinder with his words.) When my mind is attached to this kind of sickness I seldom stop. I don’t even take inventory. I just keep right on chugging down the path of my human doing.

On my good days I sit in awareness. On my great days I actually explore where these rogue defenses come from. But do I give my self the patience? The compassion? The space and time to evaluate what is truth (aka what is actually Source) and when my monkey brain is throwing poo thoughts? Mostly not.

Lesson 148 says that we can take that time. When monkeys seem to be running the asylum of our minds, we can give ourselves recouperation. The time and space to evaluate what we are defending against. Here’s a spoiler alert-it’s often our own thoughts/aka ego.

When we remember who we are. When we can see that these are just impermanent passing moments of despair. We remember that there is more to this world than any sickness thoughts could possibly pollute. There is salvation in remembering that the sun lives just behind these cloudy imaginings. And there is rest in knowing that the mind of God/Source is a tranquil oasis. Just waiting for us to refresh and renew in the love that only Source can bring.

Namaste LightWorkers! Never forget you light up the world. I am grateful for you.

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