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Be Truth ACIM Lesson #106

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Let me be still and listen to the Truth.

This past week I had some pretty significant revelations in my story. And not the easy-peasy gentle kind that lovingly remind us where we are at and give us hope.

Nope. Not me. I’ll take the 2 by 4 to the head for $200, Universe.

Essentially someone mentioned I may not be as big of a deal as my ego thinks I am.

Whaaaaat?!? My ego hemmed. It hawed. It was angry. Blaming. Defiant. How dare someone say I don’t know what I think I know.

Not. Pretty.

In this moment some of my blocks were revealed. Feelings of insecurity. Inadequacies. Not being good enough. Not knowing enough. I tried all my tools. I attempted to face the feelings. Nothing seemed to work.

But, eventually, it all came back to this, If I can choose, as Lesson 106 asks, to lay aside the voice of the ego or the world or whomever I am choosing to believe in the moment-I can remember who I am.

The path is simple-I can choose to abdicate my authority, my Divinity to another source, or I can “walk lightly past their meaningless persuasion”. And this includes the persuasion of myself.

So how do we tell the difference? Ego or Source? Lesson 106 reminds me that the truth is powerful. Quiet, strong in the stillness, and certain. All else is the meaningless thunder of my ego trampling on the flowers in the garden of my mind.

Your Divine self is offering you a miracle. This miracle is that no matter how many times the world may ell you, you aren’t good enough or smart enough, or capable enough, the Universe knows the truth. That you are gifted beyond measure. With dreams and creations a thousand times greater than you have ever wished for. That within this infinity of purpose lives the seed of Source you know is the only truth.

Lesson 106 invites us to prepare for these miracles today by listening intently for the one voice of truth. To awaken. And in this awakening, we offer this clarity to all others seeking the truth of their miraculous existence today. We share this joyous gift in the reciprocal oneness of the All-That-Is.

And if we need a reminder we can simple state:

Let me be still and listen to the truth.

I am the messenger of Source today.

My voice is its, to give what I receive.

Give your unique gifts today my dear friends. Do not forget that you are a magnificent, unique unrepeatable expression of the Universe. Just waiting to be realized in your truth. You. Are. Divine.


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