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Be the Toast-ACIM Review V: Lesson #174

God is but Love, and therefore so am I./Into his presence I would enter now. Today I learn to give as I receive.

My partner is a GIVE-er. Whenever he makes a sandwich. He always makes me one too. Last piece of cheese? Do you want it babe?

He jokes (as an Aries) that he is totally out for #1 (‘cause Aries are often champions). But he’s actually the first to say hi to a stranger or to help a neighbor.

I tease him it’s because he’s the oldest. Required to give up clothes, food, space, or affection when any younger siblings come along.

I, of course, am a youngest. And while I am certain that most youngest siblings are generous to a fault-I am of the ilk that played by myself a liiiitle too much. Independently. As a result I am sometimes less than generous about what resources my dear siblings need from me.

But as I’ve lived with my husband I’ve learned (as many youngest children have waaaaay before me) to pay attention when I make a piece of buttery toast. To remember that someone else might want one (I mean the smell alone…). He taught me by example. And I am a better person because of it.

By presencing our Source we can similarly learn the gifts our innate selves have to give the world. As we are love, vibration, and the highest expression of the All-That-Is, so we can show others what it feels like to live in this presence of unconditional love, acceptance and generosity. To be an example of the best this world has to give to those who occupy our fellow earth-suits.

Lesson 174 encourages us to give this gift freely and in Love to one-another. To share the unique source of infinite Love and forgiveness that is only yours to give.

YOU are a gift dear LightChasers. Share freely, preferably with buttery life-toast-like warmth ; )


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