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Be the Light-ACIM Review III: Lesson #112

Light and joy and peace abide in me./I am as God created me.

I have to admit, sometimes I feel like chaos in motion.

I steamroll through my life with my purportedly important tasks and things to do. Sometimes I even fool myself into thinking they are All-That-Is. When something doesn’t go quite as planned, like the checkbook balancing. Or the Car acting up. Or the DMV…Well, I might get a bit frazzled.

Lesson 112’s Reviews remind me that no matter what is happening on the outside, there is peace within. Waiting. Accessible.

That if I take the time. The energy. The breath (even one). And look for the light of Source within, it is always shining. Present. Just waiting for me to acknowledge its warm glow. Nothing (like this song from my youth) can extinguish this light.

You see, we are always as Source created us. Even in our darkest hours. Even in the less-than-together moments I frequent so much as I am playing around in this Earth suit. My source is waiting. Our source is waiting. Quietly. Beyond the illusions. This is important enough that ACIM repeats it, many times throughout the lessons:

YOU are as God created you.

Perfect. Divine.

A shining ember that lights the world.

Shine on LightChaser.

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