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Be the Light

"Don't hide in the dark, you were born to shine. In a world full of hate, be a light "

Thomas Rhett

There’s a tree just down the street from my house. On a typical day it’s just a tiny tree. Doing its’ thing lining the street. But during the holiday I have noticed something different. It has these glorious colors reflected in the sunlight. My eyesight is a little challenged, so I had my partner come take a look. It was Christmas balls! The traditional kind without illumination. Someone had carefully put these lovely multi-colored balls all over the tree. Not in their yard, but on the tree lining the street for everyone to see.

It was so joyful! And when the sunlight hit the balls just right in the morning, they became reflective and festive. It was so beautiful and unexpected. A little contribution to the world, which brightened my day. The funny part is that I’m sure these peeps didn’t add the bulbs for my exclusive enjoyment. They added them for the pure joy of shining some colorful light into the darkness. In a pure celebration of life.

What is the light you are shining on your neighbors friends? You are a stunning piece of the light. Every. Single. Day. I promise. In each and every way that you choose to present yourself to the world. Maya Angelou once said the legacy of your life is every life you touch. The best part is-this does not need to be in a major way. A smile, a word of encouragement, your laugh. All of these things impact those around you. They are shining beacons of light in a someone’s darkened world. They show everyone you celebrate the light within you. And find the joy the light in the world can present every single day.

Thank you for your greatness. For your light. For showing the world there is good worth shining for. You are the sun, showing clearer on our most challenging days. Shine on light chasers.

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