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Be the Ball. ACIM Lesson #258

Let me remember that my goal is God/Source.

I used to play volleyball. A lot. I would spend my weekends in the 110 degree heat index of Summer tooling around the grass. Sweating and gaining a thousand new freckles every minute.

It was fun. I often played with wonderful friends. But my goal was to win. To gain that elusive trophy of glory. Affirming I was the best.

At some point I stopped enjoying the game itself all together. Lost in the strategy of how to gain the next point. Or to improve my point yield.

Then COVID came. And I stopped playing all-together. And the funny thing was….I didn’t actually miss it.

I missed the camaraderie. I missed laughing with my friends. But the actual game itself-not so much. It was incongruent.

Lesson 258 reminds me that our aims can sometimes become out of alignment with the Source of our being. That in dissecting the day-to-day plays of life. How we can achieve more. Be more. DO more. We sometimes lose track of what our goal in this lifetime was in the first place. Forgetting what we are here for.

When we take the time to stop. When life allows us the time and space to reevaluate our priorities-this is a gift. The ultimate gift allowing us to re-align to what is truly Ours to live. Love. Spirit. Source.

So today I’ll try to leave behind the trinkets and toys of the world. The accolades that never last and the hollowness that comes with achieving only earthly goals. I’ll stop playing the games life would tell me is our only purpose. And remember our celestial identity is waiting in the wings for our acknowledgement.

Namaste Lightworker!

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