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Be Still and Know. Sans Cursing. ACIM Lesson #329

I have already chosen what You will.

Sometimes when someone cuts me off in traffic I feel….well, pretty separate. I hoot. I holler. I get angry. I even curse sometimes (okay, maybe many times).

And then, on really good days. I stop. I remember what it feels like to be late. The fear. The anxiety. The wondering if I will get in trouble. The shame of not allowing myself enough time.


Lesson 329 is a welcome encouragement that I don’t have to feel guilty about forgetting I am that. The idea that I too (*gasp*) am sometimes late, or angry, or upset. And that is OK.

That I can live in self-compassion. That this attitude allows me to find compassion for someone else. AND-bonus-I have already chosen this on some level, despite any traffic evidence to contrary.

Our Divine, best selves, already know we are one. And are, in fact, all about choosing to remember our love for one-another. The truth of what our Divine Source wills. Every day.

So today I’ll choose to wish this other version of myself well today. I’ll be patient and love this self some more. And I’ll extend the love that is the Divine right of creation to everyone I meet. Including the Divine version that lives within myself.

Namaste LightWorker!

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