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Be Kind to Yourself. ACIM Lesson #330

I will not hurt myself again today.

My big bad brain loves to tell me things about myself.

Sometimes they are lovely: You are smart. You are compassionate. You are kind.

Sometimes not so lovely: You are incapable. You are lost. You are not enough.

But lesson 330 tells me that I don’t have to attack my mind again. That I can let go of negative thoughts that hurt myself. In favor of a little gentleness with myself.

The wise Pema Chodran encourages a practice in meditation of being kind to yourself. Especially if we feel like we are not measuring up. Of finding our way to self-acceptance by loving yourself right where we are today. Even if it is not where we would choose to be.

Today-just give yourself credit for showing up. If you hurt yourself with negative thoughts, forgive yourself. Then choose again. You are loved and loving-every single part of you.

Namaste LightWorker!

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