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Be. ACIM Lesson #268

Let all things be exactly as they are.

Boooooo!!! Lesson 268. I’m a control freak!

Ok, you got me ACIM. I DO criticize the world at times. Judge against the way things are. Try to make things go juuuust the way I think they should and cling to an outcome.

And how’s that working out for you Estelle? asks ACIM. Hmmmmm…You got me!

Recently I was bemoaning having too much work. I felt a little frantic. A bit discombobulated. I was juggling and fretting….so the Universe took it away. Just. Like. That. And then….I was bemoaning not having enough.

Guess what happened? More arrived. Like almost immediately. Hmmmmm….

The world was made in balance. A push and pull. What goes up comes down. When we push there is an equal pull. Resistance and Release.

By insisting we take control of the outcome, we might block the path of our Highest Selves. And this encourages it to wap us on the noggin with a 2-by-4 rather than a feather. To remind us that the Universe knows just how to balance our lives and our experiences in the highest way possible for our development. Without any interference or assistance from our mind-monkeys.

So what do we do?

Let go. Let it be. Lesson 268 asks only that we be willing to let the Universe be for our highest order. To let gravity pull us in the direction that is most natural for our very Soul. To let go and let things be exactly as they are in truth. For the highest good of all-including ourselves.

Namaste in Surrender LightWorkers.

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