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Avoiding Life's Fire Coral: ACIM Lesson #233

I give my life to God to run today.

Once upon a time I went on a tropical vacation. Sounds awesome huh?

Not so much.

Well…I mean, my friends were awesome. The place we stayed was awesome. But my life felt threatened several times.

Let me explain:

1. Excursion #1: Fire Coral. Fire Coral, for the uninitiated, is not actually coral at all but closer to a jellyfish. As such, though it is stationary…. it still burns when you touch it. Like really burns. As in close to 3rd degree burns in some instances. It happened to a girl during our scuba adventure.

2. Excursion #2: Pyramids. Mayan ruins. They are glorious, but some are also patrolled by military with some pretty impressive looking machine guns due some complicated border history. They are kindly protective….But as close as I ever want to be again to a machine gun again.

3. Excursion #3: A tour of the rainforest. Beautiful. Filled with rich information about Mayan history and how they used elements of the forest as spoons, complete with a taste of nutmeg directly from a tree. But there are also head burrowing bugs….and spiders as big as your face.

Despite these unfortunate incidents, it was a good trip. What would have made the trip ah-mazing? A guide. One that explained what fire coral was & taught us how to avoid it. A heads up about the men in uniform. And their intention to keep us safe. Maybe even an extra warning about putting our caps on at the start of the rainforest tour. I would have understood what to expect. And perhaps been a bit more comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings as I understood their purpose.

Lesson 233 assures us that we always have just such a guide for life’s excursions. Vigilant. Informative. Wise. Always available 24-7. What more could we ask for?

All we need to do to avoid the fire coral, machine guns, and invasive insects of life is to redirect our thoughts and actions from life’s dangers to our joy. We can trust this joyful guidance to provide us with the wisdom of the Infinite. Tenderness beyond understanding. And gifts of love and security beyond our greatest imaginings.

Trust in Love today LightWorkers. And the only burn you will engage with is the burning peace of Source within.

Namaste LightWorker.

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