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An Attitude of Gratitude-ACIM Lesson #197

It can be but my gratitude I earn.

Does anyone else have foot-in-mouth disease? My foot-in-mouth disease is so bad that my friends used to call me ‘Divorce-dar’. Kindov like radar, only for detecting divorces. I’d get the irresistible urge to ask someone how their spouse or girlfriend was doing….and they were inevitably separated.

*Sigh* Divorce-dar.

What does this have to do with lesson 197? It says that people are not always going to thank you when you talk about things that are uncomfortable. Mysticism. One-ness. Even optimism and living in the moment are not always well-received.

But Lesson 197 says this is not what matters. Your thoughts are powerful. They carry a magnetic force of vibration. And when they are aligned to your highest self. When you are living your authentic truth, there is no illusion of unworthiness that can stop their power. And even when it seems these thoughts are futile. That the world is unreceptive. There is a part of everyone that recognizes the truth of Source through you. Mirrored in the Light of their soul. Glowing like an ember in gratitude for your recognition.

The Universe blesses the gift that is you dear friends. The light of your perfect Soul can never be dimmed. And what we give we will receive in the gratitude of the truth of this remembrance. The light of the world is yours. You are Divine.

Namaste LightWorker.

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