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An Attitude of Gratitude

“This a wonderful day. I’ve never seen this one before.” —Maya Angelou, poet and author

I am fond of watching birds from my porch in the mornings. This is a fairly new phenomena in my life. In fact, I always thought bird-watching was a little silly. It’s just birds. I thought to myself. I can watch them any time. They are common as blades of grass.

What I have discovered, in the time of quarantine, is that birds can represent the beautiful abundance of nature in action. The same birds, it seems, join me every morning to chirp, squawk, and chase each other in the air. They are content in what nature provides. In the abundance of the sunrise, the soft breeze carries them and in the majestic trees they are blessed in homes.

They feel no need to build the biggest nest or hoard all of their worms. They simply take it day by day, trusting in the equilibrium the Universe provides.

What can I learn about abundance from these birds? The art of contentment is theirs to share. Birds appreciate a good wind as it comes, but am I, similarly as easy and flowing with change?

After watching the birds for a few months now I am convinced we are just as capable of capitalizing on the wealth of prosperity the Universe has to embrace us with. If the pandemic has taught us nothing else, it reminds us the simple things are what are most valuable in our lives-laughter, joy, a sense of purpose and giving.

So as you face another glorious day, my dear friends might I suggest you be the bird? Soar a little bit higher on the winds of change. Stop and chase your feathered dreams right into the sky a little today. Close your eyes and enjoy the sweet, sweet breeze. And, as always, glow on with the sunshine within each of your heart in this moment. With love and gratitude that each of you exists.

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