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Amending What you Know

“Neither believe nor reject anything because any other person, or description of persons have rejected or believed it. Your own reason is the only oracle given you by heaven”-Thomas Jefferson

You may recall a typical face-planting moment I had a few weeks ago. Essentially, I tried something new, embarrassed myself in front of someone I admired, and ended up with some less than great self-talk.

These face-planting moments are difficult for me. But they are also a gift that keeps on giving.

Allow me to explain. I have a tendency to place a lot of value on the people I admire. I often allow my leaders’ perceptions to resonate with me as innate truths. Sometimes to my detriment.

Part of what was so painful about this moment was that I had placed, not only my self-worth, but also my personal truth (who I think I am) in the hands of this admired leader. And while she totally is the bees-knees-there is only one place my truth belongs-within myself.

We live in a society of absolutes. Binary is our game. Right/Wrong, Optimistic/Pessimistic. Believing absolutes as truth can do ourselves a disservice. Often the shades of gray between these extremes are where we learn the most. Where we find the most impactful lessons. And where any challenges allow these lessons to direct our path.

My question for you today is both simple and complex-What is the nature of your truth? Not the truth you have been conditioned to believe. Not what I, or any other person might tell you. But what are the truths you truly resonate with-deep within your heart.

A wise medium once said, the biggest falsehood is that you need a medium at all. The only intermediary you really need is the one you already possess within. Listen to your truth. Yours and yours alone.

Follow your internal guidance. Your internal voice will always lead you to just where you need to be in this moment. Believe. Honor that inner oracle of truth. She might even catch you before you fall (or face-plant).

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