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All we need is LOVE-ACIM Lesson #127

Updated: May 8, 2022

All you need is love.

BAM! Drop the mic.

Lesson 127 asks us to see through our worldly Maya, the illusion that we are all of these disruptive things. It asks us to remember what we are.

Love. Nothing else. And anything else we might believe is important-Well, that’s just the illusion of separateness. Of pieces of ourselves scattered in the wind. Of us and them.

Lesson 127 reminds me that Love is a law without opposite. That there really are no enemies or obstacles. That limiting our thinking to such illusions just creates division. And that freedom comes from letting this paradigm go in favor of this timeless truth:

All we are is Love.

End scene.

The world can never reveal to us the true Self that lives beyond it.

Pure love. Your shining glory in this life.

Which we share with one-another.

Namaste LoveWorkers!

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