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I recently went on a vacation. It was glorious. Sun, hiking. All the good stuffs.

I was gone for four days and I noticed, when I returned, many of my plants had withered in the heat.

Not a big surprise.

I had two choices. I could toss the plants. Or I could trim back the dead leaves.

Either is technically acceptable. Tossing the plants would have been warranted-there were only a few straggling growths left.

But then I remembered my glorious victory with a houseplant, seemingly dead for months.

So I got to work.

I weeded out the muck. Carefully pruning what was no longer living to make way for the new.

We are so much like these plants, my friends. We have lived in a space which no longer serves us. Which has withered our spirits and challenged our souls.

It may seem like we have no room left, to grow. To change. To bloom anew.

But I would argue that we are just beginning. That our roots are strong. That our challenges were simply opportunities to determine which parts of our being were valuable enough to stay in our lives.

We are at a crossroads. We are choosing. Who we want to be. Who we maybe already are. We just couldn’t see it behind all the distractingly pretty foliage that was our lives.

Now that all this fluff is gone, we get to decide how we grow and bloom. What soil we need to nourish our spirit. And how these changes will encourage us to be the best, most sustainable versions of ourselves that we have ever known. We can clean out the old to make way for our new, metamorphosizing selves.

YOU are inspiring dear friends. YOU have made outstanding changes in these transformational times. And YOU have grown into a beautiful demonstration of what times of sorrow can mold a resilient, transcendent person into being.

So I guess I am a little grateful for the withering plants.

And though I enjoyed the splendor of the old. I am also a little bit excited for the new. I am hopeful that it will be more brilliant than I could have ever imagined. And I believe in each of you to make that happen.

Shine on light workers!


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