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Addendum Alert-ACIM What is Forgiveness?

In the Addendum to the Intro ACIM gives us a little teaser of an overarching theme for the next 10 lessons. The theme?


I believe it is always a good idea to have a forgiveness practice. To clear old hurts, regardless of receptivity.

One of my favorite forgiveness practices is Ho’oponopono. Ho’oponopono is the Hawaiian practice of moving things back into balance. Of regaining a sense of equilibrium by offering forgiveness to people. Places. Loved ones who have passed. Or any other circumstances which might benefit from forgiveness. And this includes forgiving yourself. The bestest part? It’s super simple:

I’m Sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I Love You

Ho’oponopono allows us to be in line with our Source-Selves. Instead of seeing our fellow hoomans as attackers, it reminds us that when we hold a grudge we are just re-creating a false illusion of the person we thought they were (aka angry, rude, mean, vengeful).

ACIM invites us to allow them to reconnect to Source’s image. To live up to the truth of who they always have been. And to give them the opportunity to live anew in freedom from our expectations. Let me re-emphasize this includes this freedom for yourself.

Unforgiveness still hanging around like morning breath? Doubt such projections the Addendum cautions us. See them for the distortion they are. Remember that to withhold forgiveness is to judge and justify this judgement. But to forgive engages the truth. That we are all pieces of Source. That we are all one. And when we forgive another, it enables us to forgive ourselves.

The best news of all? You already have. You are perfectly forgiven and loved.

Just. As. You. Are.

Namaste LightWorker!

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