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ACIM, What's the Nature of Your Emergency? ACIM Lesson #356

Sickness is but another name for sin. Healing is but another name for God. The miracle is thus a call to Him.

Lesson 356 can sound a little judgy.

Sickness is a sin? Just give God a call and all will be resolved? Sounds sketch.

But ACIM uses a bit looser definition of the word ‘sickness’ than I traditionally define it as. ACIM is not limiting sickness to that of the body but including that of the mind. Our false perceptions. Our struggles.

Let’s have an example. When my bush kitty CJ (you knew there would be a cat story here didn’t you?) was crying for hours this morning I was a little….let’s say…sick in the mind. I was tired. I was grumpy. I certainly didn’t feel very connected to Source.

But the true sickness was, it didn’t occur to me to call for help. To 911 the Divine to save me. I was trying to do it all via my human self. Almost defiant that I had control. How do you suppose that worked out for me?

Here’s a hint: It didn’t.

Finally, in my desperation I made the call. And the Divine didn’t even ask why I had let the sickness of my mind burn my mental house down. It just stilled the waters. Reminded me who I am.

And even if my cat took a hot minute to settle down, the healing of my Soul was nothing short of a miracle.

My suggestion? Make the call peeps. There is no need to wait. Release control. Operators are standing by 24-7 to connect you to a miracle.

Namaste LightWorkers.

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