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ACIM Rewind: Review IV

Back to Review! Whew. If you have been reading along in the ACIM workbook…well, you know these lessons have been DEEP. And long. But revealing. If you haven’t been reading the workbook, allow me to do the heavy lifting.

From time to time ACIM goes into a review of the concepts we have covered in the last 10 lessons. To solidify the ideas. Like your third-grade teacher.

All of the lessons in Review IV have a common theme:

My mind holds only what I think with Source.

This makes us big-stuff. Establishes us with a ‘born-on’ date. Established co-creator 202X!

All the rest is deception. Filler. The boring part in the romance novel where they describe the room. Review IV says let’s get to the good stuff below any illusion.

Each day simply read the theme above and the two lessons listed at the top. ACIM promises when you marinate in these words you will feel more happy. Rested. Blessed. Peaceful. Quiet and certain.

Rinse and repeat.

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