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ACIM Rewind: Let the Sunshine In-Review #2: Lesson 87

I will there be light/There is no will but God’s [W-p1.87.1/4.1]

Once, when I was a kid, I swore there was a monster in my room. I heard it giggle. I was sure of it.

I laid in bed. Frozen and afraid. If I just didn’t move I thought I would be able to fool the monster. And it would go away. I stayed up half the night. Wanting to be prepared to act if it attacked.

But it never did. It was an illusion.

And when the light of morning filtered through my yellow-flowered curtains. I knew I was safe.

Lesson #87 reminds me that the monsters in my life are really just shadows of things unseen and unreal. My fears of attack or lack are all just an old version of me. Groping around in the darkness for a monster that never existed in the first place.

The inspiration is this my dear friends-the light will come. When we face our personal moments of darkness. When we see them in our world. It is the light that guides us to the truth of who we are. That illuminates the love that we can only be when we use our will to see what Source is really showing us.

Follow the light dear friends. Don’t waste your precious moments living in the darkness, as I did in my bedroom. The peace that passes all understanding is waiting for you to see. And if you need a lift during a crunchy use these words:

This cannot hide the light. I will to see.

This situation stands with me in the light. [W-p1.87.4.1]

We are safe in this light my dear friends. As we can only be. Source IS the release of all your fears. And your eternal safety in truth.

Namaste Dear Ones.

All quotes are from Un Curso De Milagros, copyright ©1995, 2018 by the Foundation for Inner Peace, 448 Ignacio Blvd., #306, Novato, CA 94949, and, used with permission.

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