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ACIM Review VI Guess Who’s Back? Back Again…Review is Back, tell a friend….

Eminem joking aside, it is, once again, time for A Course in Miracle’s Review! Woop Woop. These are the moments where we get to review the past 20 or so lessons to ensure they stick. Like t-shirts in Missouri. And these are some ah-mazing lessons in ACIM. The real juicy stuff.

ACIM suggests a regular diet for the next 20 days of rinse and repeat. Each idea ALONE could liberate us to our true selves and connect us with the Universe. Even one idea, it promises, is earth-shattering-mind-blowing awakening. Pretty cool stuff.

And because they are so juicy, this Review consists of a single lesson only combined with the repeating idea (I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God/Source created me.). The repeating idea serves as a reminder we are more than our snazzy good looks, we are spirit. To leave behind the clutter our minds suggest is important. To remember our true function transcends the world we see. To connect directly with our source. With the Divinity within.

And if your mind wanders? ACIM has that covered too. Let go of the thought and remember to choose again (aka This thought I do not want. I choose instead….Insert today’s idea HERE). It is a beautiful practice of focus and release. Of listening to what speaks to us in the quiet. And of trusting our Divine Intelligence to become our loving gift of freedom in the World.

Happy Reviewing LightWorkers!

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