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ACIM Lesson 35-You are good enough, smart enough….And doggonit it...Shut it Asshat!

My mind is part of God’s. I am very holy.

I am a HUGE fan of author Pam Grout.

One of Ms. Grout’s favorite analogies is the idea of the asshat.

The asshat is that voice inside our heads that tell us we are not doing enough. Not working hard enough. Or just plain boring.

ACIM Lesson 35 reminds this monkey-brain-asshat, that these thoughts are not our true identity. That the source of who we are is so much greater than all of the doubts, fears, and uncertainty our ego (aka asshat) can bring to the table.

The truth of who we are is light and love. Divine holiness aligned and empowered in action. There is nothing we need to do (despite said asshat’s dialogue) to earn it. The truth of who we are simply is because we are a part of this brilliant Divine. Just by being us.

Lesson 35 asks us to take the time today to examine our thoughts. To sit down with the asshat for tea (Yipes!). To look, as impartially as we can, at this running commentary from our friend the ego and see what it is really telling us about ourselves when we aren’t looking. (I see myself as lazy. I see myself as a champion. I see myself as stupid). And then let go of any limitations this voice would place on us as a result of these labels (…but I am Divine).

Lesson 35 invites us to let go of the story we are telling ourselves about who we think we are-in order to become who we were born to be.

Namaste Light Workers!

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