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ACIM Lesson #140

Only Salvation can be said to cure.

We can all agree that I’m a sci-fi geek, right? I own it.

One of my favorite movies is the old-school (and now remade w/ Jason Momoa : 0) movie, Dune.

Essentially Dune is about power struggles.

A planet where water is like Gold. There’s telepathy and spice…typical sci-fi stuff. You get the idea.

My favorite line in the whole movie is when the main character’s father, Duke Leto, says to his son:

The sleeper must awaken, referring to his son growing into his power.

Lesson 140 tracks with this line in my fav Dune rendition.

It is easy to dream we are powerless in a world of uncertainty. To be deceived by disquiet and the illusions of chaos. But we always have the option to choose again. To stay asleep to the good in our lives, or to awaken to the protection and peace that is always ours to live. To choose to live fully in every moment.

THIS is our salvation dear friends. THIS is the cure to any anxiety or separation we may feel the world pressing deeply onto our tender hearts. Let go of guilt and madness. Return to the eternal quiet of Source. Waiting for you. Just a breath away in our awakening.

Namaste LightChaser.

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