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ACIM is breakin' the law! ACIM Lesson #277

Let me not bind Your Son with laws I made.

Sometimes I forget that I am not my body…In the daily maintenance of life I often forget that I am spirit. And, I’m not gonna lie. More than once I’ve wished for a Jetsons-like experience where a giant conveyer belt does all my menial chores for me, like brushing my teeth in the morning.

Sans Jetsons, Lesson 277 reminds me that my body does not, in fact, rule me. Not my time. Not my experiences. Not even my to-do list.


Lesson 277 invites us to remember that we are actually free. Unbound by the laws our bodies have made which seem to confine us. Free of any history we have been told is important or essential. Like high-healed shoes. Or even toaster ovens.

And guess what else? It also says that everyone else’s bodies are also not subject to these rules.

While the world’s edicts may make us feel more secure. More in control of the outcome in the moment…our true selves are unchangeable. Beyond this time and space, we currently believe we exist in. Everything of this world we ascribe value to-Is really transient. And when we believe these things are who we are, we make Gods out of the tangible that were never meant to be absolute. It is our belief in these transient things that bind us to our suffering.

But there is another way.

An infinite truth. That our Souls live beyond time and space into infinity. We are free beyond measure when we anchor to this truth. Allowing us to see beyond the illusion.

Remember who you are Dear Ones. Beyond the veil of the stuffs this world says (did I mention high-heeled shoes?) are important. Beyond any laws your body might speak of as truth.

You. Are. Divine.

Namaste Dear One.

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