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ACIM Greatest Hits-Review I: Lesson 51 Monkey Dance Party

This morning my mind monkeys were having a dance party.

Little shifts.

They were roaming around whispering things like You are not articulate. You never say the right thing. You will never be enough.

It was a communication-themed party.

And I truly wished I had not been invited.

Then the cats started crying with the monkeys….It was a cacophony of chaos. In my mind. Outside of it.

But then I picked up the course:

Review #1: Nothing I see means anything: Let go of the chaos, it says. Vision is the truth of the Divine.

Review #2: I have given what I see the meaning it has for me. Everything I see as negative is really just my monkey mind dancing a judgement jig. And they are just illusions. Lies my small mind is telling myself about my reality. And I want to see more than this. I want to see love.

Review #3: I do not understand anything I see. Projections are reflections. When I see the cats crying-it is really myself crying. For more tolerance. For more compassion. For more unconditional love with myself and others. And the most awesome part is the Divine has an unlimited exchange policy for these thoughts to a higher vibration. All I need do is be willing.

Review #4: These thoughts do not mean anything. Awareness is my golden ticket to enlightenment. Once I see these monkey mind thoughts for what they are: Visions of my ego-driven self, I can choose again. And begin to look for the Divine thoughts I share with Source.

Review #5: I am never upset for the reason I think. When I think I am annoyed beyond measure at the cats, what I’m really doing is making the external world my enemy. I am finding a scapegoat to blame for my thinking. And I am believing in a paradigm of separateness that simply doesn’t exist.

So today, ACIM, I thank you. For helping me to remember I am more than my thoughts. For reminding me that I can vamoose out of this dance party any time. And I don’t even have to wait until last call. I can choose again. I can find the vision that only comes with aligning with Divine truth.

(And guess what? I have VIP tickets to the Positive Dance Posse for each of you too. Join me!)

In love and light. Disco-ball your shining light into the world of positive thoughts Light.


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