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A Safe Haven of Thoughts. ACIM Lesson #337

My sinlessness protects me from all harm.

Is anyone else familiar with that little voice I call ego?

My ego loves to berate me for the thoughts I let enter into my consciousness. In the beginning I believed as I studied spiritual stuffs. Explored the great masters. Meditated. I would find less ego.

Instead. More.

Spirituality is often referred to as an onion. You finally feel like you understand a tendency like envy. Then the big green monster pops its head up in newer, sometimes deeper, ways. More layers to the onion.

More potent. Not less.

My ego also loves to tell me that I am not enough for even thinking these thoughts. And, even more loudly, there is definitely something I should do about these thoughts. Like punish myself. Or give myself a good mental lashing.

Lesson 337 says not so fast ego. It states we need do nothing to or about ourselves when these thoughts come to call- but accept ourselves in our perfect Divinity. We can let the Universe do the hard lifting. And accept ourselves. Even any big green warts, when we have them.

We were created by, for and of love. Pure love. Here’s to loving yourself unconditionally today my friend…And loving yourself some more. It is the freedom where true happiness resides. Protecting us as a safe haven from any harmful thoughts that appear.

Namaste LightWorker!

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