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A Pizza Pie of Identity. ACIM Lesson #283

My true Identity abides in You.

When I was a young person there was a little reading program called Book It! (It actually still exists today). In essence, you read a certain # of books and received a gift certificate to the local Pizza Hut.

Being a pizza lover, and a budding (unbeknownst to me) librarian, this program was made for me.

I remember furiously trying to read as many books as possible to meet the deadlines. Up reading late at night when I should have been sleeping (a lifelong Achilles). But, most of all, I remember one instance when I went to redeem the Pizza.

I was a finicky eater as a kid and would only eat pepperoni. There was, unfortunately, a finite number of pepperoni pizza slices available. I recall being so upset my fellow pizza-friends would take the last slice. Didn’t they know that I only ate that kind of pizza? And why weren’t there more pepperoni pizzas anyway? It was obviously a favorite. My teenage brain told me my needs weren’t important. I felt like no one could see me at all….


As time has passed I have a bit of perspective on this pizza incident. No one could have known I only ate pepperoni. I certainly didn’t tell anyone in the group.

I didn’t even think about what anyone else might be going through. Maybe someone else only liked pepperoni too. Or something else, they never even got to eat.

Sometimes I think my interactions with our fellow hoomans are very much like my pizza incident. There’s an expectation others know what our preferences are. What we are thinking and feeling. But we may not voice these preferences out loud. And when we do, we may not realize that someone else needs to be heard too. That they have unmet needs as well. That they feel unseen or unheard. Maybe they are even afraid to try something new, instead of their standard preferences. Because they’ve never tried it before.

Lesson 283 asks us to remember that our true Identity is not wrapped up in our personal preferences. That whether we like pepperoni or cheese. Republicans or Democrats. These are just labels we have given ourselves. Temporary definitions that seem to give us meaning upon this plane of existence.

When we can get beyond attachment to these labels. When we can see why others would choose them. We tap into the infinite compassion that lives unchanged. We understand these labels can be gone as fast as pepperoni pizza in front of 12-year olds. And we can invite and honor the perspectives of others who are with us upon this Soul’s journey to our awakening. Blessing those who have a different preference. Honoring those who have the same (even if they seem to take more than their share). It is all a part of the greater oneness that unifies us with our Source in truth. Our true Identity mobilized in the motion of compassion.

Namaste LigthWorkers!

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