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A Fistful of Mac. ACIM Lesson #344.

Today I learn the law of love; that what I give my brother is my gift to me.

When one of my nieces was very small, she LOVED mac & cheese.

Mac & cheese was her favorite thing in the whole world. She would sit and savor every bite. It was the sweetest thing in the world to watch.

Even though mac & cheese was her most favorite thing, when I would sit next to her, she would always take a tiny fist full of her personal ambrosia-the mac. And offer some to me. She wasn’t thinking about where her next mac fix would come from. She wasn’t worried there would be less mac for her. She was, simply, sharing her joy with me.

My kind niece knew all about Lesson 344. What you give you receive.

If we are all Divinity my friends, there is no separation. When we give to a beloved, we receive it unto ourselves. When we share our joys. And yes, even our sorrows, we become part of this great integrated tapestry of love that is the present moment together.

Today I invite you to share a little of your mac today. Remember how good it is to receive the gift of one-ness. The only true gift is love. Given freely in our connection.

Namaste Dear Friends. Shine on!

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