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A Bun Dance-ACIM Lesson #187

I bless the world because I bless myself.

I fancy myself a pretty giving person. I try to think of others first. I give away many things I do not use. I give to charity.

So I was pretty certain I was living a life of circulation when I began cleaning the house the other day. It struck me that if I wanted to make room in my life for new things. Opportunities. And gifts. I should probably clear away some of the old I didn’t use. Abundance cannot flourish in a land of clutter. Right?

But as I was filtering through my figurines and ratty tennis shoes, I discovered a candle.

A simple candle. A square candle. A lizard candle. One I had not burnt in 15 years. It was large. Kindov unique. But useless to me. And with this candle I face-planted into resistance.

I mean….What if I need a candle for my meditation pillar. Those are sometimes hard to find. And it really is kindov pretty. How else will I remember my trip to Arizona where I got it?

All. Over. A candle…. Interesting.

Lesson 187 reminds me that the things we think we lack (aka ability to manifest the important lizard candles). Even the things we think we lack in our minds…Are a big-bad barrier to the abundance in our lives and in our world. In failing to recognize the power of our abundant, limitless source, we can dis-empower the Universe to provide. For ourselves. And in gifting this abundance to our earthly neighbors.

Giving increases what we possess. And further, gives us the space in our lives to circulate what we would truly like to receive.

We can see the evidence of this these truths every time we choose to give. In this giving we feel a joy. A sense of peace that can only come from sharing our gifts. Whether they be time, talent, or possessions. In giving these gifts-we receive the blessing of the feeling behind the material form, that is larger than the form itself.

Abundance multiplies when it is joined together (a-bun-dance). Our gifts multiply. Lesson 187 guarantees that anything you think you loose is really just an infinitesimal ROI waiting to be cashed in.

In this blessed gift, Heaven’s holiness is ours.

Namaste Light Walker.

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