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A Breath Away. ACIM Lesson #267

My heart is beating in the peace of God.

If you have seen my book about meditation, you know that I am a big fan of breathwork. BIG fan. It brings us peace. It helps return to center.

And my theory is, shockingly, you do not have to have a formal meditation practice to do so (though it doesn’t hurt). You are just one breath away. A single inhale….And exhale.

Try it.

Feel better? Yup, I do.

Lesson 267 says peace is as close as our very breath. A single heartbeat away. In every action. In every thought.

Whaaat??!!! Estelle the world is not peaceful. There is inflation, and conflict and….Peace. Yup. On the internal. Within our breath.

We can not save the world without first saving ourselves. Without tapping into the internal wellspring of love that is always inside us. Because when we look to the external for guidance, what we find is only strife. Conflict. Uncertainty.

Let your heart be in the pace that Love created it as. Inside. In your breath. In your strength. This is found from nothing outside of you. But from your light, healing from within. You are the messenger of this Light. Guided by Source, sustained by its Love, and held in the eternal peace answered by its home within.

Answer with the rhythm of your own Light in this world Dear LightWorker.

Shine on! Namaste.

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